Old Europe

I was scanning some more old photos this morning and chose this gem to continue the theme of bitchin old cars. I think it’s France around 1978 and I can’t tell you any more without doing some homework and not in the mood right now.

I turned my books 08 page into a blog so that my three loyal readers could subscribe as a feed. If I’ve managed to do anything right, you can also still view the page by clicking this link.

I’m still only at the 3rd grade level when it comes to the feed thing so if you need help, you’d be better off asking someone else. I use Google Reader.

I also hate the template and my attempts to customize made me want to brain myself with the keyboard. I have no idea how I set up my original page. I’m sure a large quantity of red wine was involved. Will fix template some other day, probably in the far, far future.

Cold and drippy out. We’re off to take my dear husband to the doctor. He’s still down with the crud and this is too long.

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