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 Check out this cool bookmark I found in an old book.

This morning I took Priscilla and the prints up to Debby’s for matting and framing. Bob and Priscilla are putting together a show of my late father-in-law’s photos in a local gallery and combining it with a celebration of Priscilla’s [redacted, but ends in an “0”] birthday next month.

Bob was going to do this but since he still needs to take a nap after he wakes up and scratches himself, I decided to go instead. I’ve never been to Debby’s. She lives about a half hour drive north of us in a gorgeous house in the mountains with a fabulous view. She shows her work in all kinds of art shows and trades goodies with other artists so every corner had some sort of beautiful treat to look at. It was fun to see her place and ask her questions about her art.

When I got home it was the usual “getting organized.” I finally cleaned off my desk and compiled all my various lists onto one page. I have some sort of forgotten object/activity anxiety and when I worry I’ll forget something, I write it down. I might write the same thing down 3 times. Then I have a pile of stickies and old envelopes and scrap paper and index cards all with anxious scrawls and exclamations points or highlighter on them. I also compiled my Target list and plan a major expedition for this week.

I’m working tomorrow. Our firm is practically the only business in the building that’s open. No lines for lunch! Traffic is light. Good side to everything.

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