All Your Damaged Tree Photo Needs

Old Chevy

I added a few more tornado damage photos. This should fulfill all your damaged tree photo needs for the time being.

The guy across the street had this cool old truck so I had to visit with him and take a few photos. He’s a treesmith and does hazardous tree removal. I’m sure this will be a good month for him.

Today’s a lazy day here. My spouse came home with the crud on Wednesday night. He was standing the kitchen when I got home and started whining before I even put my purse down. I wasn’t too sympathetic until I felt his burning forehead. For the record: when I’m really sick I get whiny, too. He also skipped dinner. He’s had a couple achy, fevery days but today he’s perked up a bit. Still, we’re going to lay low and stay close to home this weekend.

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