Office Tips

Today I remembered to bring the tongs in.

Yikes, in my search for a photo illustration I found this: your resource for snake handling equipment. I had no idea there was enough snake handling going on that we needed a resource. Now I’m too distracted to find a photo.

They’re regular old spring-loaded cheap-metal tongs. The kind you use in the kitchen for grabbing and flipping hot things.

I brought them to the office because I’ve dropped a whole bunch of stuff – including the office tongs I bought specifically for this purpose – behind my desk and my arms are too short to reach the stuff and the desk is too big and covered with crap for me to move.

Besides tongs, there are some tissues, a pack of gum, paper clips (unlikely I can pick them up with the tongs, but I will try), rubberband (ditto), my favorite red pen, and no doubt some wonderful surprises.

Big Wednesday here.

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