If I Could Marry A Show

Warning: this is a total nerdcore post. You might just quit reading right now.

If I could marry a show, I would marry Dr. Who.

I am a total Dr. Who newbie. Me sitting here talking about Dr. Who is like someone watching 10 episodes of Buffy from season 5, and then trying to explain the Buffy-Xander-Willow dynamic.

If you’re as interested as I am, you can do what I did and take a day off of work and read the Wikipedia entry and related links. It says there are 738 episodes. 738!

I think I’ve seen 14.

Dr. Who is kind-of like James Bond, in that different actors come along and play the same character. Except in Dr. Who they acknowledge that they look different and there’s an explanation which is in the article. I’m still not completely clear on it, myself.

My first Dr. Who was with the Ninth Doctor played by Christopher Eccleston whose name I always want to make much harder to pronounce that it is. I loved this Doctor very much and was greatly dismayed when after one season he changed into the Tenth Doctor. Two episodes later I was in love with the new one.

I also love all the guest stars like this weekend we had Giles (Buffy), Beth from Moonlight and one of the Doctor’s earlier companions which I’m sure would have been more meaningful if I wasn’t such a newbie, sort of like when Faith turned up again in the last season of Buffy.

There’s a Doctor Who marathon coming up and I expect to see smoke coming out of my DVR by the time it’s over.

In other nerd news, I spent most of yesterday morning on the couch under a blanket reading a book about dragons and the Napolenic wars. No, I’m not making this up.

One last tidbit, they must be really hurting over there on the SciFi Wire since today’s headlines include something about a trailer for the new Star Trek movie (A remake of the old series. If anyone can think of a compelling reason why this remake should happen that doesn’t include a dollar sign, please let me know.) Another announcement that Governor Arnold will not be appearing or in anyway connected to the Terminator 4 movie like anyone cares.

And finally an announcement that Patricia Arquette won’t cross the picket line to attend the Golden Globes. I thought nobody was attending the Golden Globes. The Golden Globes are stupid. It would be like if a bunch of nerds at school started their own prom and elected their own prom queen and everybody acted like it was just as important as the real prom even though they knew it was just a pretend prom.

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