Stuff From Behind My Desk

Here’s the stuff from behind my desk. No favorite red pen. The only logical conclusion is that someone stole it. Also no gum. What I thought was gum was a lens cleaning tissue.

 On Monday night I jammed one of my toes at yoga. Basically it was the equivalent of kicking a wall and my toe swelled a tiny bit and I took a photo of that because what could be more fascinating? Sadly, my feet are not photogenic and instead of looking so cute like they look in real life, they look like frankenfeet so I’m keeping close-ups of my feet private. It’s still hard to curl my toes but I think I’ll make it. I have this shoulder thing too so Monday might it was like a 100 year old lady just trying to get through it.

This is my desk. I had to take everything off of it and then lay down with my tongs and jam my hand between the edge of the desk and the wall to rescue my lens cleaning tissue. I really thought I could make a better post out of this when I sat down but now I’m out of time.

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