Early Boat Face

Here’s another 70’s classic photo of me making my boat face. One of these days we’re going to have a whole photo page of Pam Boat Face. I hate being on boats and make this pained face like I’m trying to be a good sport but all I really want is to not be on the boat.

Bob has the most classic Pam boat face photo series of all time. I’ve probably written about this before. We were on this tour with my Auntie in northern Germany and I think we took a ferry from somewhere in Denmark to somewhere in Germany. We got on the boat and entered this hot, cramped little room where people were eating fried foods and SMOKING. I’m making boat face right now just thinking about it. It was cold and windy and I think even raining and I said I’d be standing on the deck and that’s where I remained for the entire ride. Bob has a photo of me jumping off the ferry and I look like I just won the lottery.

Last night I made gumbo which was fantastic but gave us both indigestion. I swear, we aren’t far from the day when we both eat a few spoonfuls of broth before we go to bed because everything fancy seems to gurgle the innards in the night. I got up and had a little ginger tea and my stomach settled right away. Then I couldn’t sleep for 3 hours and woke up every hour after that. I woke up feeling like I had a 3 star hangover with none of the fun to earn it.

I hung out with the Hobbit this afternoon while his Mom and Dad went to see The Golden Compass. When I got home I worked on my holiday newsletter which put me in a cranky mood. I’m still a C- on the Adobe skills. Also my firelog won’t light. Do those go bad? Is that why it was only $16 a box? I really didn’t want to spend my evening babysitting the firelog.

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