What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar?

There are certain foods I rarely buy because if they are in the house I will eat nothing else. Chips is one although we’ve had them around lately. Now that I’ve started this I’m drawing a complete blank. Generally I’m talking about certain junk foods that are delicious and also have that magic ingredient where you can’t stop shoving it into your mouth.

Several weeks ago we were doing our thing wandering through the grocery aisles and filling our cart when I spotted something I’d never seen before. It was Klondike Bar flavors. There was Heath Bar, Caramel & Pretzel, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. A bunch of yummy choices. (Klondike should be ashamed that Wikipedia is more informative on Klondike bars than their own site.)

I spied the Caramel & Pretzel and I did something that I do every once in awhile that I think is hilarious. I grabbed a pack and ran down the aisle waving it at Bob while hollering, “Dad! Can we get this?” This never gets old. Then he goes through the motion of looking at it and saying, “Sure. I don’t care.”

And this is funny because he does this to me now and then, asks me if it’s okay to get something. And I say, “Dude, you have money, a car, you know where the store is. You can get whatever you want.” It’s like a holdover from childhood, asking for permission to get something you want at the grocery store.

When I showed him the Klondike Bars he sort-of made a face like, “Look what crazy things she finds.”

I had to chuckle when I dug around the freezer to try one and two were already gone. The caramel and pretzel is in the chocolate coating and was really delicious. We tried the Reese’s too. But I said we had to stop buying them because basically I was hoovering my dinner in two minutes then running to the freezer to get my dessert. Also there was some bickering in the form of “You already ate yours. These are mine.”

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