My First Bikini Shot: Watch My Traffic Skyrocket

This is me and my cousin Lisa tubing on the Klamath River in the 70’s.

I decided tomorrow is going to be a no computer day. I actually have a ton of computer projects going but I need to give my neck, mouse arm and eyeballs a break.

Then I can get my Christmas stuff organized and maybe do some wrapping and list-checking.

Plus I have tons of cooking projects going although I decided to push the tamales back until next weekend. I’m making gumbo and I need to replenish my granola. I ran out of homemade granola and have been making do with store bought and yukola-dola. Too sweet and not close as yummy. I bought huge bags of nuts and raisins and oats and sadly, sweetened coconut because the only place I’ve ever seen unsweetened is Bob’s Red Mill and we haven’t managed to get out there yet and doesn’t look like it is going to happen any time soon. I’m also baking cookies (right now) and I need to process the rest of the pumpkin. I also might throw in a loaf of bread.

An afternoon of kitchen and Christmas stuff sounds perfect about now.

This morning I did a major Trader Joe’s run plus hit Freddie’s and Target. And I did it all in less than 3 hours door-to-door. How come that isn’t an Olympic sport? But I was on a tight schedule because I had to be at the theater for The Golden Compass at Noon. I love, love, love the books and I’ve been so excited about this movie. For fans it’s a must see but if you’ve never heard of the books, I predict you’d be bored and confused. Too many characters and plots going on to easily translate into a movie. When you check out the cast list — it’s amazing but most of those people have about 3 lines. It looks really cool and I loved the daemons and Iorek Byrnison is probably one of my top ten fictional characters of all time and the minute he showed up I was on the edge of my seat. I give it a solid 8 for fans.

There was a trailer for a Will Farrell movie with basketball in the 70’s (?) that looks hilarious. WF movie trailers always seem to be funnier than the movies but I almost had tears coming out of my eyes for the trailer so I bet the movie is good. There was also a trailer for Speed Racer and by all rights I should be slathering over this and I think it looks stupid. Well, it looks interesting but in an eye-candy-video-game-crazy way not I-want-to-sit-and-watch-these-bright-twirling-colors way. The interactions between the characters look stupid. “I want to change the world with my car racing.” Are you kidding me? I want to change the world with my pumpkin growing and I’m a speed demon in Trader Joe’s. Where’s my movie?

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