North of the Columbia

I’m going to deal with my hosting later today and figured I’d better post now because if there’s any sort of snafu who knows when I’ll get this working again.

Yesterday one of my nerd news feeds said that The Golden Compass was going to be sneaking into theaters a week early and I could possibly see it today. I was lying in bed awake at 4:30a (because why would my body let me sleep-in on a day when I could?) and heard the newspaper thump on the front doorstep and the first thing I thought was: wonder what time Golden Compass is playing.

(Aside: I just pulled up the cast list on and Ian McKellen plays the voice of Iorek Byrnison. Lord of the Rings. X-Men. Da Vinci Code. What hasn’t this man been in?)

Turns out it’s only on two screens and they are both on the other side of the river and on the outer reaches of town. After this week I dread the thought of getting into the car. I’m not even going to do a Trader Joe’s run and my wine supply is dangerously low. Although I would do it for GC if it was the theater that’s 5 minutes from here.

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