The Bitch and Whine Roll

I’m having a lot of despair about my transportation situation. On Tue/Wed, 3 out of four travel legs were bogged down by highway accidents. I get to stand in the dark and rain and wait for a bus. Then I get to be damp and sit on a bus forever. It’s not even December, yet.

It’s a sad state of affairs when the first thing I do when I get out of bed in the morning is run to the computer to check my Powerball ticket to see whether I have to go to work.

Driving myself wouldn’t help much although at this point it’s starting to make sense again. I quit driving because parking is too expensive. If Bob picks me up and I’m a half hour late because of traffic so he goes into a restaurant and eats and drinks something while he waits, how are we saving money? Plus now both of us are inconvenienced.

The most obvious solution is either work closer to where I live or live closer to where I work. Neither are easy fixes for us at this point in our lives/careers.

Meanwhile, my webhosting upgrade whatever is still messed up and I can’t get my email the usual way but I did finally figure out, when I was searching for an online help forum (which they do not have), that if I login on the hosting site as a customer there’s a place to access webmail. I can’t do jack-crap with the instructions they sent me. I can’t ftp. I also noticed yesterday’s post never showed up in my reader. Is that related?

I called support yesterday and after 10 minutes I was still the 10th person in line so I gave up because I don’t really have time to be on hold for two hours. The help screens are completely and totally worthless and say things like, “Webmail is easy to setup and using your username and password you can check your email from anywhere in the world.”

That is fantastic news. Too bad I still have no idea how to set it up and there’s no HELPful instructions.

Can you imagine if you asked someone to write instructions to make a pie. And this is what you got:

Crust: pie crust is a flaky pastry made from a butter, shortening or other fats combined with flour and salt and sometimes sugar. It is placed in a pie plate in preparation for fruit, custard or other prepared filling and then baked.

Do you feel like you could make a pie from those instructions? When I’m in charge of the world: everything’s going to be different.

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