First Money For Fiction Writing Ever

I can’t imagine actually putting this check in the bank. I like it sitting here. Of course it’s already spent so I’m going to have to break down one of these days.

I never dealt with my technology issues. I’m bumbling along with the same hosting. Mostly I wasn’t in the mood to deal with it plus it’s paid for until June and I’m sure there’s fine print somewhere about getting any money back. It would be like buying a new car because you didn’t want to fix a flat tire. But I expect I will be in the market for a new host next year. Or the next time I’m mad at the current deal.

My beloved Tribe who sent me my absentee ballot on the Friday before the Monday it was due in the tribal office managed to send me a birthday card one full month before my birthday. Yay. Today Siskiyou and Humboldt counties. Tomorrow: the world.

Bob and I planned to go to Bob’s Red Mill this morning because last time that was on the agenda I ended up being laid up with the Lindsay Lohan flu. This morning there were snowflakes. The weather report said the storm was here. We went back and forth and decided it was stupid to drive to the other end of town when the weather was acting up. I managed to avoid crossing the river again.

We’ve spent the entire day puttering around the house and I’ve been doing computer projects all day and my massage person would strangle me if she saw what I did to my neck today.

 I pulled up a nice reminder of summer earlier this week and then had technology problems and swore at the webhosting but now I can make it work.

This post sounds like it was typed by a crazy person. Sorry.

I was going to do a NaBlo wrap up but I don’t have much to say. I thought it was harder to discover new blogs and while I did have lots of new commenters, I didn’t notice any uptick in traffic. I added about a dozen new blogs during October when I was checking out the groups on ning and I love them all and they’re all staying for now.

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