Safety is Our Goal

Back at the office. It’s always a little surreal to return to the desk after having been gone a few days. I had a phone message that I first heard, “Hello Pam” and went on to say that she’d seen my gospel play on TV and wanted copies of it for her family and left me her name, phone number and address in Florida. I sat here, agog, trying to figure out why this message came to me, gave it some practical joke consideration and generally tried to figure out a logical explanation for the mistake.

When I listened the second time I realized she said, “Hello ma’am.” Must have inverted some digits and got my direct line by mistake.

Then there’s some weird and greatly entertaining mail here which I would love to share but I don’t think that’s cool. You have no idea how hard it is, sometimes, to resist the urge to talk about work stuff.

The other day when I was rushing around doing errands I had to do a quick brake and my right arm shot out to protect that stuff on the passenger seat from flying off.

Remember back in the days before seatbelts when that was how Mom kept us on front seat when she had to punch the brakes in a hurry? That was the exact image that came into my head. I have a very distinct memory of riding in the car, probably on the way home from preschool, with Scotty and Stacy’s Mom. I was in the backseat. In those days the front seat was a bench and there were probably 2 or 3 kids sitting there and as we made the left turn from Balboa onto Burbank, one of the kids opened the car door.

Joyce had to hold kids in the car (because we didn’t have to wear seatbelts!) AND close the car door and bitch the kid out all while making a left turn. Ah, those were the good old days.

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