Luxury Shower

 Yamhill and Taylor
Bob had a little medical procedure this morning. We left the house at 6:30a. He was the one with the preparation work but I was the one that couldn’t sleep most of the night. And now, after all these years, I’ve finally seen the inside of his colon. Via photos. I didn’t witness the procedure. So nice to have this level of intimacy with a fellow human being.

Everything looked good. Another good day for preventative health care.

On the way home we had to stop and buy a new shower-head. This isn’t the first time I tried some plumbing thing and made it worse when I tried to fix it. We’ll omit the details but there was no saving the old thing. Plastic piece broken. I gamely reattached it anyway and showered my entire bathroom. It was finished.

We didn’t go to World of Plumbing store. We went to the hardware store on our way home and it had a wide array (about 5 options) of cheap plastic shower-heads to choose from. I opted for their most luxury model which cost a whopping $13.99. The packaging said a lot about how much water it would save and to be honest, this isn’t my goal. I hate stepping into a hotel shower with a shower-head that delivers a fine mist so that you go home with shampoo still glistening in your hair.

I save water by only showering every other day. On shower day, I want to feel the hot water drumming into my head. We’ll see how this thing works. At least I can take a real shower again and not stand under a spout like a garden hose.

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