Delayed Gratification Delayed

There’s no better way to lose interest in writing a post than to mention the day before that you’re going to do it later. It happens every time. I’m not writing about delayed gratification today. I think there’s a joke in there somewhere but I’m still too brain dead to figure it out.

I got home from work yesterday at 5:30pm and found my absentee ballot for the tribal election. It’s post dated Tuesday 10-30. It’s due in the tribal office by 5pm on Monday. At least they have the candidate statements online. We mailed it at the post office last night anyway and I may or may not write the election committee and suggest this could be improved.

Historically, I always have one big energy weekend around this time. As if biologically I know this decent weather is it until July so better sweep out the garage or whatever. Today was going to be my lazy day and the lazy part was I didn’t get out of bed until I finished my book (#35)

Since then I’ve been doing housework and for some reason, I decided to clean out my spices. I need to put in a Penzey’s order because I desperately need cocoa for the hot cocoa ceremony. And if I’m going to put an order in, might as well stock up on taco seasoning and finally get that Spanish paprika because I am going to become the queen of all things paella this winter.

This week fried my brain. I can’t do anything that involves thinking. I think I’ll go rake some leaves in the sunshine until Bob gets home.

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