Delayed Gratification

We don’t have a huge house and I am fine with that. It’s just two of us and we have plenty of room for what we need.

We have two linen closets. One is small and well suited for towels, washcloths and my small collection of holiday linens.

This is the bigger one with both lower and upper section. The lower section has the bed linens. The upper section has two shelves of Bob’s sweaters. We will not be discussing Bob’s sweater collection in this post.

A couple of weeks ago I cleaned out the entire cupboard and I convinced Bob that the bed stuff we had on the top shelf, that we’ve never touched since we moved into this house back in the Eisenhower administration (slight exaggeration), could probably go. When I told him we could donate it to the local women’s shelter, he reluctantly agreed.

Now I have this whole huge empty shelf to use for something else. But I haven’t put anything there, yet, because then I won’t have it anymore.

And I told both Bob and a friend this and they laughed at me. Mocking laughter.

I compared it to when I have some money set aside that I’m saving for something special. Then I can look around at everything I want and think, ooh, maybe I could get that. New shoes. Take a class. Buy software. I’m not one of those people who buys whatever I want anytime I want it and thus, am bad for our nation’s economy. I like to hang on to my fun money and study my options because, once I spend the money, the choice is gone. So I put it off as long as I can.

My friend said, “When you said that I thought, ‘I must be more hungover than I thought because what she’s saying makes no sense.'”

Me and my monklike appreciation for contemplation.

I’m off to Idaho for a couple days for work stuff. I do not travel with advanced technology and will have to depend on the generosity of others for my posts. Photos when I return.

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