Because Life is Epic

That’s a replica of the Voodoo Donut that hurt me on Wednesday. There was a leftover one and a couple people were coaxing me to try it. “I ate one yesterday,” I said, “And it was good, but for the rest of the day, I felt wrong.”

Yesterday we left the house at about 6:40a and pulled back in at 11pm. And I am about to leave for work today because I am the queen of delayed gratification which I have a story about that I will try to get to tomorrow.

I normally do a 4-day work week with Friday off. I would rather work extra during the week than come in on a Friday. But, I have a couple of major projects that need to be finished and I talked myself into it by thinking that next week I can take Thursday off and have a super long weekend.

Last night we went to Henry Rollins and he was fabulous. He’s funny and smart and crazy. I love Henry. His show is just him talking. No music. No props. All Henry. The show was scheduled to start at 8pm and I figured, how long can a guy talk? I thought I’d be in bed by 10:30p. I was wrong.

I was totally into the show but my butt started to hurt in the seat and my attention wandered a bit and it seemed like we were not even close to wrapping up. Finally I checked the time and it was 10:30! Bob was restless, too and I said, “Do you want to leave?” and he said he was still into it. So I put my purse on my lap and gathered my coat around me and he said, “Oh. Do you want to leave?”

And we were out of there. Bye, Henry. As we drove by it looked like people were in the lobby so I guess we just missed the very end.

Now we’re off for another day and we have Joe and Rosa’s annual Day of the Dead party tonight.

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