Sugar Hangover

Yesterday various people brought treats to the office.

There were store bought cookies including some orange ones shaped like pumpkins that for some reason I had to try because what would an orange pumpkin-shaped cookie taste like? It’s been decades since I ate crayon, but that’s the flavor that came to mind. There were also cupcakes and Voodoo Doughnuts.

Since we got to this office (starts around Feb 23) I’ve made a point of not getting in the habit of eating the candy and other crap that’s always around so normally I wouldn’t have looked twice except there was a neon orange donut with Cap’n Crunch sprinkled on top. Who could resist that?

I only ate half, and it was fabulous, but it was my annual allowance of refined sugar in about 15 minutes and I felt like my heart was going to explode and I had to keep pushing my eyeballs back in my head. Also I started talking really fast and then I got a bit of a headache and I never really felt normal for the rest of the day. If I could do it over, I’d only eat one bite.

I still feel a tad off this morning and timing couldn’t be better because I have a marathon day. We’re leaving early so I can get to work earlier because I am desperate to get a couple time-sensitive projects finished so I don’t have to go in tomorrow. No randomizer for me today.

After work Bob is going to meet me downtown so we can check out a friend’s art show and then we have tickets to see Henry Rollins. Yay.

Lucky I have my nerd adrenaline to keep me going. Two huge stories: X-Files movie is on AND Joss Weadon is coming back to TV. (Although, I’m not a big Eliza Dushku fan.)

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