All The Stars Aligned

Yesterday I left the office a half hour early since other than inhaling a bowl of soup, I skipped lunch. All the stars aligned with the buses thing and I was home at 5pm.

Since it was so pretty out I changed clothes and went for the regular route neighborhood walk. I saw our favorite neighborhood cat, Tiger, for the first time in a couple years. He was unusually aloof and wouldn’t say hello. Our favorite big house has been cleared out and a “For Rent” sign is out front. We’ve been waving the elder folk living there for years, watching them get a little more stooped and move a little more slowly. I want to phone the number on the sign, because I’m sure it’s one of their kids or grandkids, and tell them how sad I am to see that their time at the house is over. Then the playground at Franklin Park was all dug up. The slide was tilted over in the sand.

Winter’s coming.

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