Magical Laundry
More than once in the last 11+ years I’ve been married, I’ve told my husband I don’t mind doing a majority of the laundry but I don’t want to have to empty pockets, turn everything right-side out and dig around in his closet for hangers.

I ask you: if someone would do your laundry under those conditions, wouldn’t you do back flips for joy?

Just this past weekend I told him that after 11 years, I no longer hoped for any progress in this area.

Last night, for the second time in a week, I’ve pulled laundry out of the dryer and a $5 bill floated to the floor.

I figured it had to be magic.

I told Bob about it. I said, “I hope the bills get bigger.”

He looked a teeny bit sheepish and said, “I don’t think they will.”

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