Pumpkin Shakes!

Yesterday was a monumentally crapola day. I don’t even know where to start or if its worth the bother. I’ve been mad about something that I’m not going to get into here but for three nights in a row it resulted in the thing where I wake up at 3am and can’t get back to sleep. And for reasons that I’m not going to explain right now I had to take the train to work yesterday and I hate the train.

The trip in wasn’t bad but the trip home was less than delightful and this smug patronizing jackass fare inspector was giving this woman a hard time about getting her ticket validated. It had nothing to do with me but he was such a jerk about it my blood was boiling. He moved on to a group of high school age kids and one of those kids didn’t have a validated ticket either. As officer fare inspector tried to fill out a ticket the kid couldn’t find his ID and couldn’t remember where he lived or what his phone number was. And he was very earnest about it. Meanwhile, his school mates took pictures and movies and cackled. One of the kids moved to sit across from me and he said, “I’m going to put this on Myspace.” It was awesome.

The moment the train dropped us off the sky opened up and raindrops with an individual water volume of a gallon each began dropping out of the sky. Of course I’m too cool to run but I did anyway and a bucket full dripped off my rain coat and into the front seat as I wrung out my bangs. Then it took a half hour to get on the freeway. I timed it. Okay, I exaggerate, it was 27 minutes from the time I got in my car at the train station until I was actually driving on the freeway.

(Quick explanation — the train doesn’t go across the river so I have to drive to the train station to the park and ride.)

But the day was about to wildly improve.

In the morning, as I got on the freeway, I passed Burgerville and the sign out front said: Fresh Pumpkin Milkshakes.

I’m too lazy to link right now but on this site my love of all things pumpkin has been well documented. I’ve also written about how I never eat fast food and consume, perhaps, one hamburger a year. But, I wanted one of those shakes.

I picked up Bob from work because he had walked to school and it was now raining about 6 feet a minute and his kayak is in the repair shop. I suggested a little burger love for dinner and he was on board immediately.

The pumpkin shake was FABULOUS. It tasted actual pumpkin-y and not too sweet but yummy spices. If you live near Burgerville, run out and have one. If not, I will go have one for you. The burger was yummy, too. AND we were done eating and all the refuse cleared away by 6pm. I can see the appeal of this fast food thing.

This morning I took the bus to work. I love my dear husband because he’s smart and has a great sense of humor and he gets me and even though there are domestic chores that he doesn’t care about or think are very important, he will still do them because he knows it makes me happy. But sometimes he makes it difficult not to kill him. At 5:30am as we staggered out of bed yawning he asked me what time I wanted to leave for the bus transit center. 7:00, I said.

At 6:55(!) I heard the shower downstairs go on. I had to double check because that did not seem possible. Nope. It was. Fortunately, he’s a boy so he can go shower to front door in 15 minutes plus I had the car running for him in the driveway.

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