The Future’s Open Wide
Last night I gave blood at yoga. I bet you thought it was just a bunch of women with ponytails stretching on mats and not a blood sport. I don’t have time to find a photo for you (try this) but it’s a pose where you balance on your forearms, Pincha Mayurasana. A couple of weeks ago I was trying a variation using the wall for balance so I was up there for awhile wiggling around and ended up wearing a raw spot on both elbows.

The raw spots turned into scabs and the scabs rubbed off a little last week and one totally came off last night. For the first time in my yoga career I have to scrub blood off my mat.

In other news, one of my very favorite songs of all time is I Melt With You by Modern English. It’s one of those songs that I can listen to over and over, I can hear it anytime and it always sounds good. One of my favorite movie moments is the end of Valley Girl when that song starts.

You can imagine my horror when last night I heard my favorite song pimping some new product in a commercial for Taco Hell. The wiki says it’s been used in a number of other commercials but I guess I never noticed. I was so distraught, I had to go to bed early.

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