My Latest Disaster

It’s hard to believe that I can be so consistently lame at something I do so often. Another pie crust disaster, possibly my worst disaster of all time. I have a folder filled with “no fail” crust recipes and for some reason I decided to try a different one yesterday which is a half butter, half shortening and turned out this pile of crumbs. Thanks a lot, Sunset.

As soon as I saw what a mess it was I took the recipe out of the folder and tossed it into recycling. Then after I “rolled out” the bottom crust I took the recipe out of recycling, violently crumpled it up and threw it on the floor and stomped on it and then I put it back in recycling.

If you’ve ever made a graham cracker crust, you know how you mix the crumbs with butter and then smush them into the pie pan? That was more or less my method. At the end of the day all we need are yummy peaches mixed with a delicious baked crumble. I just kept the pie pan shape to humor myself.

The top crust went equally bad and I scraped up crumbs and flattened them with my fingers and then lay the resulting crumb blob onto bare peaches. Then I took this picture.

Every time I see one of my photos like this I think: I need to spring for a better camera. And then I think how little sense it makes to have a fancy camera to photograph baking mayhem. You can guess the punchline: it tasted fabulous.

Also, Children of Men is an excellent movie.

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