Wednesday: Tips & Miscellany

1. Let your Verizon contract lapse. You will never get more attention from Verizon than when you are not locked into a contract with them. I get email and snail mail from them every couple of days. Everybody wants to talk to me and give me a deal. Sometimes a girl needs to feel special.

2. White Vinegar. I’ve always had a big jug of plain cheapie white vinegar in my cupboard but I don’t use it much because it smells sort of nasty or like Easter egg dye. But really, that nasty stuff can leach the bad smell out of anything. (That I’ve tried so far.) We have two coolers we use for trips and both of them were getting gamy. The red one smelled like old socks. I poured in a little white vinegar, swabbed the entire thing with a washcloth and now: normal plastic-y smelling coolers.

3. In order to follow the rule of three I need one more tip here but haven’t come up with anything great. During the summer you can freeze berries to put in your breakfast yogurt during the rest of the year. The frozen berries will keep your yogurt cold until you eat it. Of course, here you could duct tape your breakfast container onto the roof of the car in December and it would keep plenty cold while you drive to work.

Another idea for a tip is if you make your lunch and it’s in the fridge and you don’t want to forget it. Put your keys in the fridge next to it.


I thought it was a parody at first. I saw a commercial for a new Halloween movie. But it’s not Halloween, Episode 157, it’s a remake of the original. And rather than wait two months for Halloween, it’s coming out at the end of August.

Speaking of movies, did I ever say that we went and saw The Bourne Ultimatum for our anniversary date? Followed by a fabulous meal. It’s not really Bob’s favorite kind of movie but we both enjoyed it. I think Jason Bourne is my new boyfriend. He’s a great driver, he can keep you from getting assassinated in a train station and he can beat people up.


Last night we watched an episode of the Henry Rollins show and he featured a guest who he said was known for the Obey the Giant images that virtually everyone has seen before or something like that. I should pay better attention when I’m going to write about it later. Anyway, I had no idea what he was talking about and even after seeing the images and reading the story – it says it was created in 1986 – I was not familiar. I guess my point being that (a) I’m not as dialed in to pop culture as I thought I was (I didn’t even know what High School Musical was) and (b) Henry, the images are not ubiquitous in the PAC NW.


I want to buy a new work outfit for Fall and I’ve been waffling what store to go to. I decided to go to Nordstrom Rack on my lunch hour and I have no idea why I ever go into that store. For every 35 things I try on, I find one thing to buy. And of the things I buy, they are never my favorite things that I reach for over and over. I tried on one pair of pants that was skin tight in the thighs, gaping in the waist and would have needed a 14 inch hem. A women shaped like a pencil, take note.

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