Photo: Vancouver trainyards at Fourth Plain overpass.

Last night we went to dinner with some friends. It’s kinda a long story but I ended up being in charge of picking the place.

Bob and I don’t go to dinner much in Portland and when we do, it’s usually in connection with a downtown event and between lunches and our events, I know downtown restaurants pretty well. I wanted to try something different not located downtown.

We have the Oregonian diner guide and I went through that cover to cover and ended up choosing Podnah’s Pit Texas Style Barbecue which is a strange choice seeing as how I eat about 8 oz. of meat a week.

I had a plate of beef which I cleaned off and a beer and we split a piece of the best pecan pie on the planet. I was too full, but happy full and I slept 10 hours and woke up feeling like a million bucks so I think this beef has miraculous powers.

Of course, today I felt my need to eat meat sated until the next millenium. Bob said there were sausages in the fridge and I said: GAK!

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