Lunar Eclipse

I woke up at about quarter to 3:00 last night, as per usual. I knew there was a total lunar eclipse going on so I woke myself up all the way and found some binoculars and went to the living room window. There was a little sliver left when I sat down and I sat up almost a half hour until it was complete.

Of course I couldn’t fall back asleep right away and I kept thinking, I wonder what it looks like now? And I’d sit up and peek out the window again.

It did look pretty cool like a glowing orange ball in the sky. To me, the regular moon looks flat but the eclipsed moon had a shape. Every once in awhile a car would come by and I wanted to wave out the window to make sure they saw it. Also at one point I heard what sounded like a small plane. I always wonder what people are doing out and about at 3am.

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