Breakfast in America

[Isn’t the first rule of blogging: don’t write about what you had for breakfast?]

I tend to eat the same thing for breakfast over and over and over. For years. This means the stuff I eat on work days. Weekend eating is a whole different story. I eat the same thing until I am sick and tired of it and have to come up with some new thing to eat until I hate it. Not a great system, I’ll admit, but this is how I’m doing it.

One of my first major breakfasts, back in the 80’s, was a bran muffin, an apple, and a Tiger’s Milk bar. This was a time in my life when the size of my butt was an ongoing issue (well, you know, my size all over) and I eventually gave up the Tiger bar.

When I moved up here my breakfast was a bagel and a banana for eons. Then I graduated to variations of cereal and smoothie. When I was a vegetarian I made smoothies with tofu and protein powders and fruit and my favorite cereal was Grape-nuts. At some point I developed the notion that I was eating too many wheat products so I switched to muesli. Also yogurt was easier to deal with than smoothie making. So I had muesli and yogurt and fruit. Recently I changed the muesli to granola.

I’ve been getting sick of this breakfast for awhile now. I’m finished with bananas. I don’t want to even see bananas and yogurt mingling in the same grocery bag.

Not last weekend but the weekend before we had tons of fresh berries in the house so I unwisely ate berries, yogurt and granola every day for about 10-12 days in a row which has pushed me to the edge. I have no idea what to switch to next. Maybe an Egg McMuffin. HA!.

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