How To Make A Taster Pie from Pastry Scraps

On Sunday I made a pie for someone else and what a rip to have the delicious smelling pie goodness in your house when you’re not going to get to enjoy it. At least for Bob. I got a piece of the gift pie. So I made a tiny pie on the side.

I have a new crust recipe that has been working for me and part of the appeal is that it’s generous so you roll out a giant thing and can fit it into your pie plate with ease. And you have yards of extra pastry.

We have a small casserole dish. I can’t find a photo of something similar online at the moment. It’s a little bigger than two grilled cheese sandwiches stacked.

I layer some scraps on the bottom. In advance I slice too many apples. This weekend I also threw in the last ½ cup of blueberries with a sprinkle of sugar, lemon and a thickener. Scraped the fruit onto the scraps. Covered them with the remaining scraps and crumbs and baked it next to the pie. I set the timer a half hour early and check it every ten minutes. Since it’s small it can go from yum to sizzle quickly. Enjoy your mini pie.

In other news, I invented a fabulous sandwich for lunch yesterday which was Nutella and cashew butter on homemade buttermilk bread. Delicious.

Finally, I’ve been feeling a bit blue lately and decided to use my lunch hour for some retail therapy. First I went searching for a bathing suit (yes, not the best thing to be looking at if you’re feeling down) but the Rack didn’t have any or if they did I didn’t see where they were. So I went upstairs to look at the shoes. The size 6 aisle: empty. The size 7 ½ aisle: empty. The size 7 aisle: about 9 women crammed in there. I didn’t want shoes that bad so I thought I’d head over to Vicki’s Secret.

They have this thing now (or maybe forever, this is the first time I’ve used it) where they have a sample of all the styles organized by size in the dressing room. So they measure you and then you pick the styles you want to try. Once you know what you like you can go into the store and buy what you want. I liked everything I tried which made me realize how stretched out my old ones are. (sexy!) But this was immediate love. It was the most fabulous bra I’ve ever put on in my life. I would marry that bra. I came out of the dressing room cradling the sample in my hands, demanding that I be taken to this section of the store so I could buy one in every color.

And you know what? That style is on clearance because the new season starts soon. There was not one bra in that style in my size. Not even brown. They dried my tears and told me to come back next week.

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