Big Storm

Salmon Summit Trail
On Thursday night we had an amazing thunder storm. I was just getting into bed to read and all the windows were open. I heard some rumbling and got up to look out the bedroom window and saw a huge flash of light in the sky. I turned out the lights and watched for almost a half hour. I kept thinking, “One more good one, and then I’ll read my book.” Then I’d want to see more.

We don’t get many storms like that here. One of my neighbors had their window open and every time there was a big flash I could hear a big, “OOH!”

At the same time the sky opened up and it rained like crazy. Sadly I had spent a good amount of time watering everything thoroughly so it all got a double dose. I took last night off from watering and it’s hot today so I’m sure my garden is crying about now. I’ve got to get out there and photograph the pumpkins. I put pumpkins in the front this year as well as the back and the plants in the very front of the house are going gangbusters. There’s a pumpkin bigger than a softball sitting in the middle of a shrub. I hope no bad kids wander by and take it for entertainment purposes.

I’m taking a grant writing class and I’m going to do my homework now. I decided to make tomorrow a no computer day and free myself from this beast (that I love and want to sit at all day long).

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