Time To Beat

Klamath River at Dolan's

Oof. Very busy week with lots of personal growth activities which I won’t go into details at this time.

This is the Klamath River at Dolan’s. Among my favorite spots to walk when I’m in Orleans.

Today’s commute (back at home, Portland to Vancouver) is our first entry in the worst cl*sterf#k summer commute day contest. 86 minutes from the time I left the parking garage to the time I pulled into the driveway. The drive is 11.5 miles so by my, understandably limited comprehension of math, that’s about a 7.5 minute mile. I run an 11 minute mile on a good day so I couldn’t have beat that on foot. But somewhere, someone could have. Even the carpool lane was backed up.

I have a class all day tomorrow and a goodly portion of my Saturday is booked as well.

Riveting posts will most likely few and far between. Go read a book, instead.

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