Tripping Through Paradise

Looking Into Boise Creek
Wow. Fabulous trip. Exactly what I needed. I kept a few notes about what I did and a typical day says: wake up early, read, pick raspberries, go swimming, eat dinner, early to bed.

I’ll probably write more about it tomorrow. I’m beat right now. I woke up at 1:30a last night and drifted without really sleeping until morning. I finally just got up and packed and hit the road. I keep having this weird dream where I think I’m awake but I can’t move and I tell myself, “This feels like a dream, but I know I’m awake and I’m going to move now,” and then I can’t move. It’s really disturbing.

It was over 100 the past two days and I was expecting the drive home to have furnace-like qualities but it was mild and I kept the window down the entire time until I hit Portland and then it felt too hot and turned on the air. (Of course now my eyeballs feel like felt covered golf balls dipped in battery acid.)

The first thing I did when I got home was crack open a cold beer. Then I turned on the computer. Then I checked my dahlias. Lots of flowers out there now.

I’m going to go and wash the car before I run out of steam.

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