Fourth of July

Dang. I had this photo saved especially to post for 4th of July and then got all in a hurry before I left and forgot about it. Vancouver has a giant fireworks display every year and people come from all over to hang out at the Fort for the day. There are vendors and music and all sorts of fun stuff. Sad to admit, I’ve lived here for 12 years now and I’ve never actually watched the display. You know, bright lights exploding in the sky and making a big boom, bazillions of people, babies, dogs. I don’t really need to do that.

But if we’re home, Bob and I like to take a walk down there during the day to checkout the scene and buy a corndog and have a whirl on The Zipper and find fun photos like the one above. Bob makes me stand and pretend like he’s taking my photo so instead he can take the picture of the guy in a red, white, and blue diaper, or whatever that is. (Totally just kidding about the corndog and Zipper, by the way. I feel like throwing up just thinking about corndogs and/or The Zipper separately.)

This year we both missed it because we weren’t in town. Oh well.

Last night I ran over to the local convenience mart to grab some beef jerky and diet Coke for dinner because we had nothing in the house and I was too tired to go to Safeway. I searched the giant racks of Funyuns and coolers filled with tall towers of frosty PBR in the hopes of finding another delicious treat to round out my meal. Instead I found a huge display with at least 40 different framed posters from Scarface available for purchase. What is that all about? (The part about jerky, Coke and Funyons for dinner is also a lie but sounds good, but the Scarface: totally true.)

I had a couple of major projects that I desperately wanted to get done today but so far other than doing a load of laundry and buying wine at Trader Joe’s I’ve been worthless. I’m going to make some more tea and see if I can get with it.

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