Pam and Jenny Ready to Go Off Into The Sunset In Their Bitchin Green Station Wagon
Drippy weekend. Bob thought I would be happy that it rained on the parade yesterday.

There was a big hoohaw in the paper this week because of saving seats for the parade. Over the years the city has allowed people, even issued tips, to tape-off sections of sidewalk to save a space for the parade. Last week one of the city commissioners made a statement that he didn’t like the seat saving thing because people from the suburbs got all the good seats and it wasn’t fair to Portlanders.

I think parades are stupid so I don’t care either way. But I thought it was unreasonable to characterize this as a problem caused by “outsiders.” Did he conduct a survey to see what ratio of Portlanders to others were getting all the good seats? Portlanders can (and I’m sure they do) put down duct tape, too. His remarks created a lot of discussion and some group decided to go out the night before the parade and pull up all the tape.

I would come out on the side of no saving seats but to change the rules in the middle seems like a recipe for chaos and hostility on what’s supposed to be a celebration for everyone. You know, community building, fun for the whole family. If I was the Mom of this situation, I would have said, forget it. We won’t have a parade. Everyone go to your room. But Mom Nature took care of it instead and it rained on the festivities.

I wouldn’t say I was happy. But I did think there was some sort of karma thing going on.

Yesterday I watched Aliens while I went through some recipes because heaven forbid should I ever sit for 5 minutes without organizing something. I discovered I have at least 17 recipes for brownies, 9 recipes for pudding and 7 recipes for mousse. Also, Aliens is scary good fun. The recipes are the cut-out recipes from the paper/magazines that I stuff in a file. That doesn’t count what’s in my recipe books. I don’t like to make too many fancy desserts because if it’s in the house we won’t eat anything else and we need to eat vegetables sometimes.

I didn’t get rid of anything but I grouped them together and I set aside some things I wanted to try. Then I used the last of the yummy chocolate that Shay gave me from Scotland and added some bittersweet and I made brownies. My dear husband is very close to the end of the school year and needs all the encouragement he can get.

Last night I got out my Photoshop folder thinking I’d try to learn something new and I did this tutorial that I’ve tried at least two other times and my result always looks like crap. I did it three more times with three different photos solidifying my knowledge of making work paths, turning them into selections and filling them, but creating ugly weird looking blobs that I am not going to share with you. Instead you get this picture of the future Thelma, Louise and Babydoll, ready for some crazy adventures.

Today’s still too gloomy for yardwork although we got a nice walk in this morning. I’m baking oatmeal bread and getting ready for the Sopranos big finale in a couple hours. How many times do you think I’ll cover my eyes and say, “I can’t watch?”

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