You Stepped on My Spirit Turtle

Tallships. I couldn’t stand back far enough to get a decent photo. I don’t think there’s been a better time to own a ship that looks pirate-y. They’re probably all booked for the entire summer. When the ships came in the rumor flying around was that these were the ships from The Pirates of the Caribbean movie. But I could swear I saw blurb somewhere that the ships from the movie were in NY for Fleet Week.

I don’t think I’ve had a summer off since the seventies but I still get a little thrill whenever I hear Alice Cooper “School’s Out” on the radio in June. That feeling of the whole summer off and anything could happen.

Right now the Rose Festival is going on in Portland. There are at least three parades and a big carnival downtown that used to be called the Pepsi Scum Center (Fun Center) and now is called the Wamu Waterfront Village (Waterscum Village?). Rose Festival means that the weather will immediately go bunk. It’s a common joke around town but totally true. It’s been glum and drippy every year I’ve lived here. Maybe once the big floral parade had sunny weather.

Here’s where I loaded up on curly fries and bacon cheeseburgers before riding on the giant spinning bears of doom.

Today Sears is supposed to come and fix the dishwasher. We set the appointment for between 8a-12pm. The guy said that the repairman would call when he was on his way and if I didn’t answer the phone, he’d assume I wasn’t home and I’d have to reschedule. A robot ( a different one) called last night to confirm my appointment and about an hour later a person called to say that unfortunately they were running behind (How did they know that last night?) and my appointment would be between 1pm and 5pm. So basically I’m chained to the phone all day.

Small price to pay for a machine to wash my dishes and I probably would have stayed close to home anyway.

Turtle in the petting zoo and current conditions at the honey bucket.

A couple weeks ago Alien and Aliens were on cable and I taped them both to watch later. This week I watched Alien. That is a damn good movie.

It came out in 1979 which means I was 15. I wouldn’t have gone to a scary movie anyway but I remember people talking about it. I saw it for the first time a couple years later on this new fangled thing called a VCR. Back then when you rented a movie you had to give a credit card guarantee of something like $75 before you could take a movie. I thought it was scary then and I thought it was scary last night. I have never watched the part where the thing bursts out of John Hurt’s chest.

Last night I told myself I was going to watch it but when that part came up my hands flew over my eyes and I just cracked my fingers a teeny bit. I can’t help it. Bob got home for the last 20 minutes and while he was fixing his plate I asked if he wanted to watch the end with me.

“Has the panty part been yet?”


“Good.” And he rushed to fill his plate and sit next to me on the couch. Sigourney Weaver’s tiny panties. Of course he wouldn’t miss that. “Possibly the best low angle shot in all of cinema.”

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