The Yoga Clothes Miscalculation
I haven’t been inspired to write anything lately. I keep thinking some great story will pop into my head but it’s not happening. I don’t want to write about the Sopranos finale because I know my Mom hasn’t seen it yet and she’s one of my three loyal readers. What I will say about it is that I love that it’s generated so much discussion and now I’ve had some time to digest it, I think it was completely perfect. Also, I still own that Journey album, on vinyl, and I’m going to crank it this weekend.

I’ve been in the market for new yoga clothes. I’m sure I’ve written about this more than once already. When I practice at home I wear cheap stretchy pants from Target and old ratty sports bras. No one’s watching so I don’t care what I look like. But at class I like to look halfway decent and make sure that there are no flesh bulges around the elastic. I could probably write a whole post about the evolution of my yoga clothes but it would be hard to make it interesting.

Here’s a short version anyway: I started in baggy shorts and huge t-shirts. Must hide the body. I progressed to a black leotard and leggings so that for the next 8 years of class I looked like a lady from a 70’s yoga book. Then I found a cute outfit at REI that had loose fitting capri pants in athletic breathing stretchy fabric and a racerback style top with a yoga-y mandala thing on it. I thought REI was going to be my new yoga clothes store. Last time I went there they had one rack and everything was brown and XL.

For the past several (ahem) years, every time I’m in a department store I check out the workout clothes to see if there is anything that looks good and everything I found was black and plain and boring or if it was even close to try-on-able, it wouldn’t fit.

So I started trolling the Internet doing the online shopping thing and I hate to buy something without trying it on. I’m a chubby small and a scrawny medium and a tall petite and a short regular. I’m sure I’ve written about this before. My online shopping had iffy results. Things would either not be available in what I believed to be my size or was way too expensive or maybe the style looked like it might be okay but really needed trying on first. I finally found really cute stuff on and after looking at every single thing in every single color for about 9 months, I placed my order last week.

 I got notice that it shipped last week. I can’t remember the day but I was sure it would be here Monday and if not, then absolutely on Tuesday.

Remember the Calvin and Hobbs when Calvin ordered the propeller beanie and ran out to the mailbox every day? This is how I was with my Moo Cards and this is how I am with my new yoga clothes.

But they aren’t here yet. And I didn’t wash my clothes from Monday’s class. My petri dish clothes that I carelessly tossed to the bottom of the closet thinking, “I’m getting new yoga clothes, I can wash these next weekend” have been solidifying stench for two days.

This summer I’m taking 2 classes a week. Mon and Weds so I have class tomorrow and now I have to do a load of laundry specifically so I have something non-stinky to wear tomorrow. This was especially cheeky because I don’t even know if the new clothes are going to fit.

That’s the update. These are photos from the scanning project. I wish you could see my outfit in the puppy picture because it was a jumpsuit. I hopped in and zipped. And it was red. The bottom photo continues my series torturing my sister with her goofy expressions. Ha ha. As if I’m looking like the queen of the realm with my goofy hair.

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