Brokeback Camera
My camera is on the fritz. I’ve only spent about 30 seconds troubleshooting it so it might not be broken but merely need a good nudge to get it to do what it’s supposed to do. I hope it isn’t broken because don’t want to spend an afternoon trying to figure out when I bought it and what paperwork exists and if there’s any kind of warranty and how many days too late am I to take advantage of that.

And when I say paperwork, I mean digital file because I bought it via Internet and the file is somewhere in this machine. Does anyone understand how the Mac desktop search feature works because I find it consistently useless. It brings up 10 trillion things that have nothing to do with anything and keeps refreshing itself or the one item that I want disappears. My point here is that this is not a project I want to deal with today or pretty much, ever. So work camera, work.

It came up because I just ran out to the backyard to take a few photos for here since I have a Dahlia that’s about to pop. I’ve been watching it all week and I think it needs one more nice sunny afternoon and we’ll have bloomage. I’m hoping today’s the day. Here’s a photo from last year to tide you over.

 I also wanted to try to do some sort of self-portrait to show off my new yoga clothes. I know it’s hard to believe an old lady is wringing so much from a new yoga outfit. It arrived on Wednesday and even though I just got home from class and was ooky I tried it on and it fits like a dream.

I practiced in it yesterday to make sure there were no surprises like that one time I wore a yoga top that was fine in the dressing room but in class, during the first upward dog I thought my girls were going to pop out of the neckline. Not the kind of thing I want to worry about during yoga.

The new outfit works great. I’m thinking about buying another one now that I know my size and they have so many styles. The waist on the pants is a tad on the low side. I felt back there a few times to make sure my crack wasn’t hanging out and turns out not even close. I guess this style is to show off those lower back tattoos that 4 out of 5 women in class seem to have.

I’m not violently against tattoos but I don’t love them either. I think there are some that look nice but others perplex me. There was a gal in one of my yoga classes that had a giant bowling pin on her arm. Why would you want that? I’m glad tattoos didn’t go mainstream until I was out of my 20’s because at that age, I’m sure I would have gotten one and I’m sure I would regret it now. I used to joke that I wanted to go into business doing tattoo removal because it’s got to be a growing industry. But the thought of spending my days smelling burnt skin isn’t too attractive.

The top photo is from one of the few successful parties I’ve thrown in my life. That’s my roommate Trish and I think she was more responsible for the success than I was. It was a halloween party post college and furniture got broken and everything.

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