Hire Me To Operate Your Phones

I’m doing my usual pre-trip ritual of messing around and not packing or getting organized so I can be certain to be running around in a white heat at the last minute and berating myself for doing this every time.

Some of the garden bounty and a photo of the Portland’s finest sausage sandwich. Yum.

While I’m here, have I ever mentioned the thing about the phones at work? I’ve worked at the new firm two years now and I have no idea how my phone works other than make and receive calls. And I can transfer to a specific extension. I can’t program anything. There’s a feature called park that’s like hold only any extension can pick up. I can’t do it on my phone and I’ve been told it’s because I don’t have that button. Today I had to cover the reception desk at lunch. I’ve had to do this about three times and I spend the entire hour praying that the phone doesn’t ring. There was an important call expected and at least this time I recognized it and then I parked it and then my person wasn’t where he was supposed to be and then another incoming call came in. I’m in a 10 alarm panic. The attorney said to make sure not to lose that call so I didn’t the only thing I knew and prayed some more. It worked.

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