Weekend in Reno

We’re back. Really we were back late Sunday night and I expected to get my act together yesterday for my epic weekend post but, big surprise, I never got to it and now I’m back to the grind so we’ll see. It’s not even so much the writing (although I barely took any notes so either it’ll be short or I’ll make a lot up) as the photos.

For me, the plain old tweaking and cropping takes forever and can get tedious. Plus, I still haven’t figured out a system for my photos. I take zillions, delete few and just dump them on the hard drive. The extent of the system I use now involves giving the folders names that start with the year. For example, this trip will be called 07 Reno. But all the odds and ends photos I call “07 random stuff” and “07 scans and whatever” and “07 family and misc.” I can never find anything and when I start looking I get all distracted enjoying looking at photos.

The saddest part about all this is that I use the Adobe Creative Suite and it has all kinds of organizational features built in that I keep intending to learn. I have tutorials and demos bookmarked up the wazoo. Just never seem to get around to it.

We have a long weekend coming up and my spouse will be busy elsewhere. I have a plan for how I want to use all my wonderful time and I’m trying to keep it realistic and I don’t think Creative Suite is going to be on the agenda. All these great Photoshop/Illustrator skills that I now haven’t used for 4-5 months. (Well, I use Photoshop to do basic photo tweakage which means I’m an expert with about 3 features). Next time I fire up one of those programs to do something crazy it’s going to take me half a day to remember vectors and gradients and which palette does what.

Meanwhile, most of my shows are shutting down for the season. Tonight is the series finale of the best show on television, Veronica Mars, and yes Katie, I’ve been crying in my yerba mate non-stop since hearing the news. How come the well written shows seem to get the ax (e.g. Firefly, Wonderfalls, Studio 60)? However, I do want to cut back on TV watching next year and losing shows to cancellation works a lot better for me than quitting cold turkey. I’m strongly considering quitting Grey’s Anatomy. (Aside: ABC, your website is crap.) It seems to be getting exponentially stupider. I’m also on the fence with Heroes. But then there’s some new vampire show starting … hep.

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