My Super Power is I Fit Exactly In Between

This has been a weird week. Every morning and at least once during the day I have to count on my fingers to figure out what day it is. The traffic has been strange. One morning the freeway onramp was completely backed up which usually means there’s a problem and better just sit back and hope for good radio tunes because it’s going to take forever. But once I was on the freeway it was smooth sailing all the way into town.

It’s been sunny and warm and once night I even left the windows open a little crack. I spotted a couple roses out front and one in back plus blooming rhodies that need to be photographed and shared.

Tuesday night we went to see Sherman Alexie read at Powell’s books. If you ever have the opportunity to see him read, please do whatever it takes and go for it. He’s really wonderful and hilarious. Bob and I have seen him at least a half dozen times and have enjoyed him every time. In fact, I think among our first dates was a trip to see Sherman speak. If you’ve never read one of his books, I’d start with The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven. It’s good stuff.

There are some clothing items I’m thinking about buying online. I want some cheapo comfortable bras for summer. The kind that you can wear under a t-shirt and do the gardening or sports or whatever and they get all sweaty and gross and you can just chuck them in the wash and when they’re all twisted out of shape after the summer you don’t feel bad about tossing them because they were so cheap. This is in contrast to the work clothes bras that have all the expensive infrastructure to keep the old girls propped up during the day.

(That comment about doing sports is a joke because I don’t think I’ve ever done sports in my life outside of P.E. class in middle school. I can’t catch or throw and I don’t like to have people watch me while I try to hit something or aim something and I don’t like to push people around so I can win things. I don’t understand doing sports casually for recreation.)

Online clothing sites usually have some sort of fitting chart and I had my measuring tape and calculator and protractor and quadratic equation reference tome out and worked away and using the formula calculated that I’m a zero cup. I guess I should get some help using the protractor.

I think my perfect bra size is 35 with a B½ cup. Too bad that’s not a choice.
With yoga clothes I’m a big small or a small medium meaning I either have to squish in like a sausage or worry about my size zero boobs flopping around.

We’re heading off to Reno for a big family party extravaganza which should be filled with merriment and large quantities of refreshing adult beverages and toasty warm weather. My horoscope (Capricorn) says it’s time for life to overflow with rewards and I think it means karmic, which is fantastic, but maybe some gambling rewards, too.

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