Wild Waters

misty ocean

I’m back. The conference was fantastic but, sadly, the most gorgeous man in the world was nowhere to be seen. Or, he’s hit on some bad times and I no longer recognized him. But that was the only disappointment. The rest of the gathering way exceeded my expectations.

I’ll write more about the event later and I have lots of photos.

Meanwhile, I’m back to my usual tricks and fretting about all the things I need to do and as I fret, I’m completely paralyzed about what to do first and how to prioritize. Wilma spoke about this very thing although she was speaking in the context of accomplishing something for your people and I’m talking about just getting the house cleaned up and some dahlias in the ground.

Pumpkin Sprouts

The big news is: look at my pumpkin sprouts!

I planted the seeds last Sunday. I took photos every twelve hours because the seeds sprout so quickly you can practically stand there and watch. First you see a green dot in the soil. A couple hours later you can see a bigger green dot. Next thing you know the first two leaves are unfolding.

I’m going to do a whole photos stream from seeds to pumpkin pie in November.

Isn’t there something appealing about time-elapse photo projects? Don’t you love the movie montages where they take the rundown old shack and transform it into a bright cheery home for the orphans? Or the fat, frowsy nerdgirl gets contacts and a haircut, does some sit-ups and puts on some tight jeans and suddenly looks like Scarlett Johansson?

Since the sun is out, I think gardening should be today’s main project.

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