Fresh Dates

One project on my list that I can’t seem to get to is to the seasonal cleaning of the clothes closet. One brilliant thing about our house, that I don’t think we understood the importance of when we bought it, is that we each have our own closet. I’m not sure how spacious it is by average woman standards but I’m not a woman who needs racks and racks of clothes so for me, the closet is perfect.

It took me years to figure this out but when winter is over I take all my wool stuff to the cleaners and then take the clean, plastic-wrapped stuff and stick it in the back of the closet. Then that first blustery day in November I have clean warm clothes to wear. I used to shove them to the back dirty and nothing like pulling out dirty clothes from 6 months earlier when you need something to wear.

I don’t have very many outfits to begin with and now I’ve put most of them away. But I’ve never pulled out all the spring/summer stuff and checked that it’s cleaned, ironed, mended and/or has matching parts. So every morning I have to scrounge around to find clothes and basically just recycle the same 4 outfits over and over. We’ll see if I’m inspired to clean it this weekend.

This afternoon I’m taking off for a Leadership Conference for Native American Women hosted by the Coquille Tribe. The most gorgeous man I have ever spoken face-to-face with in my life was from the Coquille Tribe. I have high hopes for this adventure. Plus I haven’t done anything like this in ages and could use the pick-me-up. It’s at least a 4 hour drive and I get to pick all the music so I headed for the basement in search of the mix tapes. I found the college music tape, the Cathouse tape and a tape my sister did for me and a tape one of her friends did for me, both featuring stuff like Throwing Muses, Screaming Trees and a lot of Bob Mould.

One more musical note: last night on The Tube they showed the Talk Talk video. Amazing coincidence or cosmic voodoo?

I’ll be offline until at least Friday night. Enjoy the rest of your week.

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