Witchy Woman

I had a such a great sleeping week last week I thought I was home free but this week my body’s alarm clock is back on 4am except for yesterday when it was 3am. Maybe this is seasonal. Maybe I’m supposed to be coming out of hibernation and getting up early and plowing my fields and bringing calves and lambs into the world. I’ll have to go to Fred Meyer this weekend and get some.

Today’s technology gripe: don’t you hate it when you do something like send an email, post a comment, or publish your blog and your computer says: Wah! That didn’t work.

Then you do it again and now you’ve done it twice? That happens to me all the time.

There was a day when I loved to fire off a bad customer service complaint letters but these days I often find that I’d prefer to use my time and energy for other things. However, on Monday I had a bad experience that rubbed me the wrong way enough that I wrote a toasty note about it. It wasn’t a huge deal but it was an expensive item and I had trouble getting help and when I did the person was completely worthless to the extent I thought I should apologize for bothering her.

I sent an email and my computer freaked out and said I wasn’t allowed to do that which seemed odd. I waited 24 hours and heard nothing so I resent the next day. I still have heard nothing and now I’m sure both messages went through and they think I’m a shrill harpie with nothing better to do than complain about their $7.80 an hour staff.

Well maybe I am.

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