Legitimate Concerns

What a long and hectic week. One night I got home at 5:30, two nights I got home after 8 and last night I got home at 9:30.

Domestic chaos abounds.

However, the sun is out and the garden calls so I’m off to the garden center.

I leave you with this thought about Battlestar Galactica.

I can’t remember exactly but I think there are only 40,000 humans left. Yet every time President Roslin does a press conference, there are like 40 reporters. Does that population really warrant a press corps of that size? There must be plenty of other jobs that need doing. Manufacturing. Everybody needs clothes and toothbrushes and soap. Where is that stuff coming from?

Yes, I realize this line of thinking is very Clerks but my mind actually works this way. Like the cylon Six and her fancy underwear after her romps with Gaius? Where did that come from? I realize the cylon manufacturing would be separate from the human, my point is: who has the time and energy to make silk lingerie when you’re fighting in space?

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