The Darkness of Night

I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about this anymore and I had such a great night on Tuesday night. Something like 7 solid hours of zzzs. Then I got cocky. This morning I woke up at 3:30am. Just me and the dark.

While I had all that quiet thinking time, I tried to come up with a good Valentine’s story for you. I don’t have any super great or super bad tales to tell. Last year’s story about dinner with my high school boyfriend is the best of the bunch.

I sort of remember a Valentine’s that was probably 1989 or 90 when I went to see Faster Pussycat at the Roxy by myself. I could be making up the date and I spent about 3 minutes yesterday researching it and had no luck and didn’t want to dig any deeper.

The club was packed and it was an awesome show (whatever day it was) except this bitchiass photographer who came along and put a steel box camera case or whatever on the floor right in front of me and stood on it. And not for a minute to take a few pictures but she wanted to park there. Unfortunately, it was a rambunctious crowd and my elbows and the elbows of other unhappy fans flew about until missy photographer moved on.

Bob and I don’t like to do anything special for Valentine’s. It’s a stupid “holiday” invented for profit and disappointment. I usually bake him something fun and seeing as how Valentine’s landed on Wednesday and there was no optimal baking time, I’m going to make something fun this weekend. I found these wacky raspberry flavored chocolate chips at the market which is one of his dream flavor combos so something with that.

This the best I can do on 5 hours of sleep.

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