More of the Same

This afternoon I went to see a new movie called Music and Lyrics which I’m not going to recommend until it comes out on cable and then only if you like Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore and dopey romantic comedies where the leads have no chemistry but the pure force of their personalities make the show worth sitting through.

The review in the paper gave it a C+ and that’s about right. It said the movie seemed long and that’s also right. Regardless, it was a nice way to spend a couple hours yesterday afternoon since I like Drew and Hugh and dopey romantic comedies. Everyone made fun of me when I saw The Lake House, too.

The movie opens with a parody eighties video that is spot on and totally hilarious and you can see it right now on YouTube. I recommend you watch that.

This weekend I’m going to drag the sourdough out again and see if I can make it do anything. And I’m going to work on this sleeping thing. The situation seems to be improving. I still wake up in the night but fall back to sleep more quickly. Also, rumor has it that tomorrow is going to be warm (60 F!) and sunny so I’d like to scratch around in the yard a bit. I wish it wasn’t so muddy.

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