Erin, Cover Your Eyes
The mango splitter is awesome. It’s a sturdy plastic-titanium circle with rigid eye. (These are my words, not official product propaganda.) You set the mango on its end and center the splitter on the mango. A firm but not forceful press down and: ta da. Two mango halves separate from the pit. I’d like to buy a case of mangos and split them all. Also, I like to nibble the extra mango bits from the pit just like chewing the meat off a bone.

We had mangos, yogurt and muesli for breakfast. Bob had oatmeal.

Excellent weekend. I made a pie and yesterday made spinach pasta by hand. Kenman helped me roll it out. Bob did an arty from-outside-the-dirty-window shot. Too bad we didn’t move the coffee apparatus. I made a walnut-herb béchamel sauce and it had goat cheese and parmesan and turned out spectacular. We all hoovered big plate-loads. I expect to play around with this recipe more very soon.

I worked on some Photoshop lessons today and learned several features that would have saved me tremendous time had I learned them a long time ago. It’s amazing how often I use a particular type of software and then one day maybe I’m looking over someone’s shoulder at a document and they go click-clack and fix something with a keystroke that I was doing as some sort of neanderthal hack in a text editor with cutting and pasting and I’m thinking, “Oh, you can do that?”

I had other items I wanted to talk about but neglected to take notes so my mind is basically two brain cells floating free, hoping and praying to bump into each other.

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