Mt. Hood At Sunrise
A larger version here.

The other morning the sunrise was heart-stopping. The photo doesn’t do it justice. It was hard to resist the impulse to keep taking pictures and just stand back and enjoy the view.

Last night we stopped by Priscilla’s to drop a few things off and I noticed at least 4 snow patches in the front yard. If I would have had my camera with me I would have taken photos because who doesn’t love photos of lingering patches of snow?

This morning I had an early morning appointment to get my brakes done. The idea behind the early appointment is that I’m up and on my way at the start of the day and then can run errands and so forth ushering in a day of hugely gratifying productivity. I apparently haven’t learned my lesson from last time where I made an early appointment and it just meant I got to sit in the waiting room all morning instead of all afternoon after a leisurely morning of sleeping in and hot cocoa.

I didn’t go to Toyota for the brakes, I went to Les Schwab and let me state again publicly that I love Hazel Dell Les Schwab. They had a problem with a part and had to get it replaced and they were very good about communicating what the problem was so I wasn’t stewing at my long wait amongst the giant tires and shiny custom wheels.

I had another appointment nearby that I didn’t want to miss so they drove me over there and by the time I got back, the car was almost finished. I still didn’t get home until after 12:30 so the morning was shot. But at least I have new brakes and a kick ass haircut.

I think tomorrow is going to be the technology free day since I have a cooking and baking project to keep me occupied. However, Kenman is going to be here and I bought two mangoes to go with my new mango splitter so stay tuned for a mango splitting demonstration on Sunday.

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