Toga Party
In the most current issue of Sunset magazine there is an insane full page ad with George Hamilton. I thought about scanning it but the scanner was put away and it seemed like a lot of trouble. I was sure I could find it online. So far no luck. However, I can describe it to you.

George is standing there in a bright white toga with giant sleeves trimmed with gold ribbon that looks like it was put together by a costumer in 5 minutes using glue and safety pins. George’s head is crowned with what I guess is an olive wreath? And he’s holding the new product: Pita Thin Toasted Chips and the quote is “Golden toasted with impeccable taste. Just like me.”

I don’t even know where to start.

So I guess the idea is ancient Greece=pita? This seems like a stretch to me. And why George Hamilton? Maybe he fits with the Sunset demographic which is no doubt women my age and older.

While I was searching for the ad so you could enjoy a chuckle with me, I had the fun of finding the Nabisco® website. You can sign up for a logon and password. Why would you possibly want to do that? Special subscriber content? Member only Oreo contests?

The Pita Thin stuff which is in the “no fry zone” shows George either standing in his white terrycloth bathroom eating pita thins OR in snappy golf togs in the middle of a sand trap with his packet of chips. You can ask his magic golf ball a question.

My question was, “George, why the toga?”

The answer: “I can’t tell you now. The paparazzi are listening.”

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