A Few More Things Because I Keep Getting Distracted
I found a whole bunch of articles about having your domain hijacked for spam here. Sadly, it’s not uncommon and it looks like not a whole lot I can do, especially since I don’t want to invest much energy into it. The 50 + mailer-daemons per login is growing very old although also entertaining because half of them are from other countries like this subject line: MANCATA CONSEGNA: L’utente progettohspr (progettohspr@progetto.net) non è elencato nella Rubrica

If, like me, one of you favorite expressions is “smells like ass,” you should drop everything and read this. (The part that comes after the Winnie the Pooh stuff.)

Omigod, I drank tea with regular caffeine this morning. My regular caffeine intake is about: nothing. I don’t know how you people do this every day. I feel all shiny and jittery and like I’m about to blast off. I’m thinking of drinking a downer tea to see if it will counteract it.

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