Firmer Thighs in 60 Days
Someone in our office convinced the building management to let us use the stairs. There’s a secret passage and codes involved but I’m not allowed to say anything else because, you know, it’s a high stakes security environment.

Now the situation is transformed from a pain in the ass to an opportunity for the ass. Running up and down the stairs several times a day will surely promote firming and toning like nobody’s business. I didn’t even have to make a resolution.

Speaking of resolutions, one of the things I like to do at the end of the year, both at the office and at home, is clean out drawers filled with various kinds of papers that accumulate over the year and refile, toss, or shred as necessary. Or in some cases finding something and saying: “Ah-ha, that’s where that went.”

This year I didn’t have time at home or the office. And I guess this isn’t really a resolution. More like a new years practice.

The office is going to be a lost cause. I did manage to get 9 months of filing done right before Christmas so at least I cleared off my sorting table. But I have boxes to archive and little odds and ends that I never had time to get to, that will remain ungot to. Too much else going on.

I like cleaning out things partly because I’m a little bit insane and it relieves my anxiety and but also because it’s a symbolic exercise. Clear out the old, make room for the new. You never know what new great thing you’re inviting in by creating a fresh space for it.

UPDATE: I tried the upstairs bathroom. The secret part all went fine. The bathroom, geez: it’s still 1972 up there. Orange and red. Also a green sign that says: Thank you for not smoking. I’ve got to bring my camera next week.

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